Do you look and feel your best? Are you wondering why it's hard to drop weight, and feel energetic throughout the day without coffee or sugar? Tired of trying every latest detox and program that comes out, only to wind up back at square one? Finally, there is a simple way to...

Forget About Strict and Complicated Diets.
Lose Fat and Gain Energy At the Same Time.

Woman yawning while is working at breakfast in a restaurant

You may be running low on on energy, have some weight to lose, a lower sex drive, maybe you lack the energy to keep up with a regular exercise routine, and you just feel overwhelmed with it all…

I invite you to sit back, relax and read my story.

It will offer you meaningful answers that you have been looking for, that will put the power back in your hands for a simple path to the life and health you deserve.

 There is a scary situation happening right now with regard to our health. I don’t think I need to tell you that though.

One in every two people in America has a chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, arthritis, depression, ADD, memory loss, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, migraines, allergies, asthma, or skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Millions more experience fatigue, sluggishness, insomnia, and lack of vitality. People are relying more and more on over the counter medications, copious amounts of coffee, sugar, alcohol, or sleep aids, just to make it through the day.

But if you are sick, not feeling well, experiencing acne, sleep disturbances, back pain, weight that won’t come off, and lack of vitality, or are a junk food junkie, it is NOT because you are lazy, undisciplined, or have bad genetics. You may have been told those things, but they are not true. Beating yourself up and going on yet another diet is the last thing you need.

I am thankful that you found this page, where I will share with you information I’ve gained from 22 years of studying nutrition and wellness, and finding my own path out of weight gain, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems and hypothyroidism. Information I’ve shared with women all over the world, that is now packaged into one easy to follow system that doesn’t require personal consultations which could cost you thousands.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to struggle on your own anymore. Our team of wellness experts will show you EXACTLY how to get off of the rollercoaster that sends most people straight to the doctor’s office and ends with a handful of prescriptions. Continue reading, and I promise you, it will be the most sensible, life-enhancing information you have come across.

The Typical Modern Diet is a Leading Cause of Sickness

365Probably every single person reading this right now knows at least one person (and probably more) who is struggling with Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. Many of us know someone who has already lost that stuggle.

In many cases, these diseases are LIFESTYLE DISEASES -- meaning, what we eat (or don't eat) and how much we exercise (or don't exercise) are HUGE factors in the development of these diseases. See these headlines pulled right from recent media:

"cancers of the colon, rectum, breast and prostate...are associated with a westernized Diet"


"more than half of adult population will be dealing with diabetes by 2020...tied to  unhealthy lifestlye choices."


Most Of Us Are Smart Enough To Understand The Facts.
The Problem Is, The Facts Can Be Hard To Find.

142The modern diet is filled with foods so high in calories, fat, and refined sugar -- all of which appeal to our biological human drive to conserve energy.

You see, in the distant past, conservation of energy was critical to survival of the species. We evolved in an environment where food was somewhat scarce. So, when we did get access to food, we ate as much high-calorie food as we could in a short period of time.

Over time, we developed a biological preference for those high calorie meals. That worked out good for our survival, in an environment where the ONLY choices were natural whole foods.

But today? We now live in a world where everything is fast and convenient, and we can drive up to a window and without even getting out of the car order a high fat, high sugar, pleasure inducing meal within minutes.


We walk into a grocery store and are bombarded with thousands of processed, high fat, high sugar, refined foods loaded with unhealthy calories.

Many of us blame ourselves for lack of willpower, totally unaware that we are fighting a force beyond our understanding.Our biological drive to survive and conserve energy -- paired with the proliferation of massively unhealthy processed foods is literally, the death of us.

Why Isn't This Information Being Shared With Everyone?

Although science has made incredible breakthroughs in the last 30 years in terms of understanding how we can get out of this food trap and finally achieve amazing health, the body we desire, and a life full of energy, most people are in the dark.

The facts on how to get and keep a healthy body simply aren't reaching the average person. The groundbreaking work of medical researchers and nutrition scientists like Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn flies largely under the radar.

It's not that the information isn't there, but for the average person busy with daily responsibilities, work and family life, no one really has the time to spend all day researching just to discover some of these radically life-changing principles.

There are just too many financial interests at stake -- from the mega food-corporations who control our food chain to the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies making billions from us being sick and tired, the facts aren't easy to find.

Woman eating healthy salad near the riverBut most people are getting smart. They are tired of it all. They have had enough of feeling like crap, tired of their stomach bulging out over their pants, and are finally sick of experiencing fatigue every day, depending on medication, and needing coffee and sugar just to make it through the day.

Most of us want to feel youthful, energetic, alive, happy and healthy.

I Know First Hand. I Lost Both My Body and My Health,
But I Got It All Back. And Then Some!

After college came law school. During law school, I had very little sleep and lots of stress. After graduation, it didn't get much better.

As exciting as my new career was, I quickly realized that my health was getting even worse. I was constantly overworked, over-stressed, and became very overweight. In the years between starting college and working as a corporate attorney, I gained over 100 pounds in a 10 year period.

Little did I know that the long course of antibiotics from years earlier, combined with the combination of excessive stress and lack of sleep, created a perfect storm for the emergence of systemic candida, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and hormonal imbalance.

I tried just about every program out there that promised a quick fix and continued to diet. I even tried the “no diet” diet where I was to eat like a supposedly “naturally thin” person. NONE OF IT WORKED!​

Until I Finally Had Enough.

I think each of us has a breaking point. You know, that place you get to where you just can't stand it anymore. You can't stand feeling tired, not sleeping well, being disgusted at the way you look in your clothes, and how uncomfortable you feel overall.

I Poured Myself Into Every Piece of Nutrition Research Available

dsdsdI had finally reached the point where I simply wasn't willing to continue on the path I was on. But I wasn't willing to take advice from any random person on the internet either. My background in science, research and law made me somewhat of a sceptic, and I just couldn't buy into any of the endless array of "health" chatter on the internet. I had seen more incorrect, misinformed, misguided advice ... being peddled by people with no qualifications. That wasn't good enough for me.

I retired from my career as an attorney, moved to Hawaii, and began an entirely new chapter in my life. I spent my days and nights pursuing my ultimate quest: finding the best path to health, and finding a way to thrive.

I spent thousands of dollars, and several years, doing NOTHING but studying, learning, researching, and raising my daughter.

I subscribed to every clinical health, medical and nutrition science journal I could get my hands on. I read hundreds of research reports on weight gain, candida, thyroid impairment, metabolism, adrenal functioning, epigenetics, and nutrition. Ultimately, I became a full time clinical nutritionist.

But That Wasn't All. I Knew The Mind Had To Be Healthy Too.

I knew the mind was our most powerful tool in getting healthy and having the body we want, especially after seeing so many people (myself included) go on diet after diet, only to wind up back at square one.

I was right.

After spending extensive resources and time researching the brain and its role in our choices, I came to understand that until we can get our mind on board with our goal to be fit, trim, energetic, and to thrive, NO plan in the world can help us.

I learned that our brains are SO powerful, and when we are confronted with social pressures, bombarded by advertising, and dealing with stress, we are literally defenseless against the standard diet.

Unless of course we have a plan.

The 66 Day Health Mastery Program Is That Plan.

wesdI finally did it. I completely healed my body from within. Excess weight, gone. Candida, gone. Adrenal fatigue, gone. Hypothyroidism (which doctors told me I HAD to go on pills for), gone.

My skin and eyes glowed, and people I hadn’t seen in a long time told me I look younger than I did 10 years ago.

Exact, Simple and Easy Plan to Help You Get Back On Track.

Our 66 Day Health Mastery Program Shows you EXACTLY how to detox, reset, and regain the best health of your life. Step by step, you will be shown how to add healthy whole foods to your life, -- at a pace that is right for YOU.

Need to lose weight quickly and safely? Perfect. Our program has meal plans designed specifically for fast weight loss.

Don't need to lose weight, but feeling fatigued and in need of an overhaul? You are in the right place.

We show you step by step what to do to look and feel the best you've ever felt.

IMAGINE eating delicious meals that are satisfying, and being able to go back for seconds if you are still hungry. Imagine sleeping like a baby, feeling more energy than you may have felt in years, and looking in the mirror and seeing a THINNER, FITTER YOU with clear skin, bright eyes and no more dark circles!

We Give You 5 Easy Steps To Get The Body You Want.

#1 STOP low-calorie diets.

Beautiful girl eating fresh watermelonDo you know why 95% of all dieters gain their weight back within FIVE YEARS? ​

Dr. Rudy Leibel, world-renowned obesity researcher has found that there is a biochemical system that kicks in when you DIET, eventually forcing you to gain back the weight.

Scientific evidence CONCLUSIVELY PROVES that cutting calories changes your metabolism and brain, so your body HOARDS FAT and your mind magnifies food cravings into an obsession. 

Constant dieting raises hormones that stimulate your appetite – and the hormones that suppress it.

Fortunately, there’s a smart way to eat that is natural, healthy, and requires NO counting of calories, NO counting of points, NO counting of carbs… and eating as much volume of food as you’re truly hungry for.

#2 STOP eating foods that cause inflammation

  • Zwei Frauen essen Chicken wings und trinken ColaInflammation is a condition that DAMAGES healthy tissue, raises blood pressure, and can potentially encourage cancer cells to grow.
  • Consuming too much omega-6 fatty acids increases your risk of inflammation.
  • EVERY OVERWEIGHT PERSON HAS INFLAMMATION IN THE BODY. In fact, most diseases start with inflammation including arthritis, IBS, asthma, allergies, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes Type 2.

#3 STOP eating foods that cause acidity.

  • fsdfsdLearn what foods are truly alkaline in the body.
  • Say goodbye​​​​​​​​​​ to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, and aches and pains. Say hello​​​​​​​​​​ to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better over-all health, and a lean trim body.
  • Learn which alkalizing foods will give you the BEST results.
  • See how alkaline foods can fight off sickness.
  • Discover how staying alkaline can give you vibrant energy and vitality, all day long.

#4 FOCUS on high-raw, plant-based foods.

Cute happy brunette shopping in a grocery store

  • Learn how to incorporate more raw foods into your life, without having to be EXTREME!
  • Learn how to live a normal social life, go out with friends and family, while eating foods that nourish and support a healthy body.
  • Get every tool, recipe, and idea you need to make meals with normal grocery store ingredients.


#5 STOP consuming hidden toxins.

chinese take out with smart phone on table and menuDid you know that there are hidden toxins lurking in most packaged foods, and that legally, food manufacturers are NOT required to label these toxins?

What’s worse, hidden toxins in foods are often silently sabotaging your weight loss efforts. And, no matter how hard you try, if your body is still getting a flood of these toxins, it will be impossible to lose weight and feel your best.  Even worse, they can create disease and cause everything from arthritis, to poor sleep, and worse.​

Find out the 7 WORST TOXINS you should NEVER EAT AGAIN!

Introducing a Nutritionist Designed Whole Foods Program That
Eliminates Toxins and Clogged Fat Cells
The 66 Day Health Mastery Program

Our team created the 66 Day Health Mastery Program for YOU!ads66dayipad

Our purpose is to introduce you to the power of raw foods so that you can get back in touch with your body's natural healing mechanisms. This gentle and effective raw plant food program helps bring your body back into a healthful balance, so you can feel and look better than you have in a long time.

Our 66 Day Health Mastery Program Will:

  • Eliminate any new toxins from going into your body from your food
  • Cleanse your liver, kidneys and gallbladder while giving your digestive system a total break.
  • Allow your body to divert extra energy to perform deep internal healing. Digestion of cooked food is the most energy intense activity in your body, so when you cleanse with juices and raw foods, your body is able to use that energy to help heal your body.
  • Feed your cells with high powered nutrition from all of the vitamins and minerals in the juices, smoothies, salads, soups and recipes provided in the program.
  • Give you back your energy, vibrance, mental and physical clarity!

We Give You Everything You Need To Succeed


A COMPLETE, detailed 10-Day  Juice Fast with all recipes and shopping list included. Alternate whole foods program for 10 Days Available for Pregnant and Nursing Moms, and those unable to fast at this time!


  • Clear and easy to follow nutrition guidelines on how to follow a balanced plant based eating style.
  • Mastery exercises in each Module to help you break past limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles that prevent you from achieving the health and life you desire.

c32da1_5d7c25a9b31f404fa65e1dd7d6d37050.png_srz_p_445_295_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz66 Full Days of SIMPLE AND EASY meal plans using regular grocery store foods, that include exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This program takes the guesswork out of what to eat and when!  Including recipes AND shopping lists for each week!



All of the meals are easy for any home cook to prepare, and all meals can be made with regular kitchen equipment. Even for the juice fast portion of the program, if you don't have a juicer, you can make juices in a regular blender, and then strain the pulp out after. The meals are quick to put together without huge lists of hard-to-find ingredients.

All meal plans are whole foods, plant based, high raw, and low fat. Recipes are kid friendly too!

Enjoy Delicious Meals That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy
While Your Body Is Getting Healthy!

But that's not all. You also get:


A comprehensive online tutorial complete with both audio and visual content that correspond with each of your nine modules.


We Also Wanted To Make Sure You Had Support
And Help, Every Step Of The Way

ads66daypassJoining our 66 Day Health Mastery Program  provides you with a LIFETIME ACCESS PASS to our PRIVATE online support community, "Eat. Juice. Thrive." A fun and active private Nutritionist Monitored, Facebook Community.

The forum has been growing since 2012 when we first started, and all of our original members are still participating! This online community is available to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members in our online support group provide encouragement, inspiration, positive feedback, friendship and true community. There truly is nothing else like it on the internet. Members are online around the clock to help support you when you need it most.

Hear what our actual members have to say:

testimonialstami1 testimonialssherinaandPJ



More Member Praise For Our Program!


M a r i s a  A.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Liana! I have been trying to find my way to eating healthy for so many years. I’ve tried everything out there and spent thousands of dollars only to find out that it was all a waste. You showed me what I needed to focus on, feeding myself real food and stop dieting. I have now lost a total of 53 pounds. More important is that you showed me compassion that I wasn’t willing to show myself, and for that I am eternally grateful. You were there for me even when I wasn’t there for myself. I can’t wait to come back and do another healing retreat with you. Love, Marisa

T e r r i e  F.

Liana … what can I say that has not already been said, and so eloquently and heartfelt? Congrats, of course, that others are seeing the value of what you have to offer. For those of us who have had the privilege of finding you and experiencing your heart and wisdom … well … we will be forever grateful. Grateful that you are so willing to follow the calling on your life and give all you have to it. It shows in everything you say and do. I keep hoping that if people are just starting this program that this group will continue on forever … LOL No matter your choice in life, please know that you have impacted my life in ways that words cannot describe. God bless you in all you do. ♥♥♥♥


Face thinner, Pants almost falling off literally, Skin looks good, Body more toned, Eyes brighter, More energy, Sense of Huge Accomplishment, Knowing I Am Healthier, and New Friends/Wonderful Support group! I have grown so much with this 10-day Adventure! (AND So much More! ) Lets Have A Big Huge Group Hug Here! … Tomorrow is DAY 10! We just RAWK!

M a r l e e A n n

Hey everyone. Went to my neurologist today and got a clean bill of health. My myasthenia gravis is officially gone. No more meds for me. Whoo hoo! Don’t have to go back to him unless I need him. Now I have to focus on these bad habits!!!! ♥ to all, especially Liana. This group has been a God send to me.

N a n c y D.

I wanted to share that I’ve long suffered from Cystic breasts and I have had one the size of a large Brussels sprout in my right inner thigh. Well folks … I’m happy to report … All have completely disappeared! YAY! So happy to see the results of Clean & Pure Eating! Can’t wait to share with my GYN 🙂 The Best News is I’m down 15 pounds! OMG … Loving My Life Right Now! Thanks to each of you for all of your kind words, inspiration, understanding & Support! Big Hugs to you All!

I n g r i d B.

M a r y a n n F r o m N e b r a s k a

Dear Liana,
Until your juice fast, losing weight was a depressing battle. I’ve been overweight most of my adult life and no matter what diet I tried, it seemed like it would work and then I’d be so excited – only to put the weight back on. Sometimes I added more than I started with. I never gave up totally because I had faith that I would find someone somewhere who could help me. That person is you, Liana. I can’t really express how grateful I am. I went on your juice fast this past October, and I didn’t even tell anyone. At work I just pretended I was drinking a regular drink. I put all my juices in a thermos because I had no courage to tell everyone about my latest plan. Since I failed at everything before, I was too embarrassed to even say anything. But what is the most meaningful to me is that when I emailed you, as busy as I am sure you must be, you personally responded to me – not once, but three times. Your heart and your genuine love and compassion come loud and clear through your Facebook page, and your emails are no different. I could feel how much love went into your responses to me and I have to say that it was your “realness” that kept me going. I am just one person who bought a $20 program online. But what I got in return was a heart of gold and I am eternally grateful. I have lost a total of 47 pounds since then, and that included making it through the holidays. I know that I was led to you and I wish you all the best – you deserve it.

One thinner lady in Nebraska, Maryann



testimonials kristi

I just wanted to send you a note expressing my feelings of appreciation. I have suffered for many years, in pain, both emotional and physical. I searched everywhere for answers and was about to give up searching when I “found” you.  Your knowledge and almost uncanny ability to understand what was going on with me is astounding. But mostly, your true compassion and willingness to listen and truly give validation to my concerns are what is so rare in my experience. I don’t know if you will ever realize how you have impacted my life, but know that you have and that I am a new person in all respects due to the care and concern and genuine spirit you showed me.

Forever grateful, Jenni

J e n n i f e r R.

Day 3, DONE!! I feel great and revitalized!! I would like to Thank Liana Shanti immensely for guiding me towards my juicing path—I appreciate you a great deal!! I plan on incorporating juicing into my diet and moving forward, and I intend on eating more raw foods! I am also very grateful and humbled by this wonderful community. Communities like this are imperative when going through such an intense transformation and I am blessed to have experienced it with you all. I plan on sharing this experience with my family and hope to bring them to their full potential through juicing! It is important to take care of your temple! YOU come first—remember that!!! Stay the course, stay positive, and always give Thanks!!

H. N. S y n g e y

Thank you a million times Liana Shanti ! I survived without any problems at all! I am shocked! Your plan was so easy to follow. I just went and bought 12 big mason jars and made juice for the next two days! I definitely found this page with support and inspiration very helpful. I am even dehydrating now and making crackers out of my leftover pulp. When I go home for Christmas, my family is going to think I am even crazier than the last time they saw me! LOL  One thing I have learned about nutrition is there is a lot to learn! I started on this journey about 4 years ago and learn new things every day! I loved learning about nutrition so much I decided that I wanted to study nutrition! You have great words of wisdom and I really do admire you. I could use some direction with my career path one day if you have time to talk! Someday I am going to live near a beach, grow my own food, and help people discover the healthy life! For all of you who just started this journey, hang in there! It is soooo worth it.

K A T I E D.




The Psychological Breakthrough of 66 Days.

The latest research shows that neurons change their firing patterns when habits are learned and then change them again when unlearned. That’s why it’s so easy to return to negative addictions like smoking, drinking, and eating bad foods.

While many have previously believed that habits take 21-28 days to form, the UK Health Behavior Research Centre recently came out with research that found:

It takes ​66 days​ to embed a good habit for a lifetime.

The SECRET TO LASTING SUCCESS happens when we consistently do something for 66 days straight. Once we accomplish that, we can do it for a year, five, or thirty. Our program gives you 8 weeks of easy-to-follow menus, PLUS the optional 10 Day Juice fast, giving you exactly the time you need to create healthy lifestyle habits.

But There Is Even More Good News.
Our Program Gives You An Entire Module On Fitness!

Beautiful fitness athlete woman resting drinking water after work out exercising on beach summer evening in sunny sunshine outdoor portrait

This program doesn't just provide you with all the recipes, meal plans and support you will need, it also provides you with important fitness science. Exercise is an important component to overall health, but we don't encourage you to work out to the point of exhaustion, engage in radically intense programs that damage the body.

The 66 Day Health Mastery Program will show you step by step how to exercise in a way that will help you look and feel younger, and not sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Ultimately, what sets this program apart from all others, is:

  • The level of detailed clear and easy plans to follow each week
  • The 24 hour a day suppor in our nutritionist monitored online private community
  • The online webinars available to you 24/7, to help inspire, motivate and support you whenever you need
  • And the powerful Mastery Exercises that will help you use proven techniques of goal setting and personal achievement.

I know you've been on other health plans. I lost count as to how many I tried and failed at. I knew the key thing they all lacked: teaching people how to gain control over their mind, their cravings and their emotional dependence on certain foods. The best nutrition plan in the world create by the top experts imaginable is of no use when  your mind sabotages you at every turn. I know, I spend many years in that place.

A Personal Message From Liana in Hawaii.

I feel incredibly blessed to have found a clear and powerful path to vibrant health. It's been amazing over the past three years to see 66 Day Health Mastery members change their bodies, their health, and their lives through this step-by-step program.

I know the pain and misery of dealing with excess weight, fatigue, poor sleeping and needing lots of coffee just to keep up with life.  For a while, it had started to feel like there really was no hope.

Moving to a clean, whole foods, plant based diet changed my entire life. Literally.

There comes a point in our health where we need a serious reset to find our way back to health. Once you're there, you decide how you want to eat in the future, but always knowing that the more fresh raw plant based foods you include on your plate, the more vibrant and alive you will feel, and the better you will look!

66 Days From RIGHT NOW you can be in an entirely new body, and definitely a new state of mind. We are giving you all of the tools and support you need to succeed.

Now you have to choose what is best for you. Is it best to continue on the path you are currently on? Or does it make more sense to listen to that voice in your heart telling you to do something. I am sure that this isn't the first website you've visited with information on raw and plant based eating. In fact, you may be one of our 90,000 Facebook fans. There's a reason for that. We are each drawn to what our innermost self knows can provide an open door, an answer, a solution that works. But nothing happens without us taking action.

Your intuition is telling you that no matter how many "diets" are out there, there is nothing more sensible, and more sane, than simply eating more fruits and vegetables.

The inner voice that we all have, that we are born with, is speaking to you now. I am here to support you, along with our whole team at Health Mastery. There are so many members all over the world who have done this program, who keep coming back to the program whenever they need help again. My team and I are here for you now, and we will be there in the future.

Join our 66 Day Health Mastery Community. You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain, including the best life ever.



Yes Liana, I Am Finally Ready To Look and Feel Better Than I Have
In A Long Time, and get instant access to this amazing program!


  • 10 Day Guided Juice Fast (value $20)
  • 8 Weeks of MEAL PLANS (value $56)
  • Complete Shopping Lists for all 9 weeks
  • Over 230 Recipes (value $19.95)
  • 9 Modules of Mastery Exercises (value $180)
  • 9 Online Webinars (value $800)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Private Online Support Community (value $215/yr)
  • Guidance on Important Detox Protocols
  • Built-In Mini-Detoxes
  • Daily Nutrition Template to Use For Life
  • Fitness Program (value $40)
  • New friendships, connections and a sense of belonging to the most unique online community! (priceless, truly)

That's over $1200 worth of REAL value in program materials.

ads66daysads66daymodule1 ads66daymodules

Super Important Note!

In celebration of the launch of our new website you’re being given the opportunity to save BIG. Thousands of people have $149 to join the 66 Day Community. But you can order now and get INSTANT ACCESS today to the entire downloadable digital program through our special membership site and ALL BONUSES. The $149 course can now be instantly downloaded for only $49. You’ll be able to access the digital program immediately upon ordering!


testimonials kristi






gbWhether you join us or not, I thank you for taking the time to read my story. I wish you a beautiful healthy and long life filled with love and joy -- something you truly deserve. Whatever you choose, if guided by your heart, will be the best path for you in that moment.

Liana and the entire Health Mastery Institute Team!